Rise Of The Planet Of The Bored Apes

  • Background color, Clothes, Earring, Eyes, Fur, Hat, and Mouth.
  • GARGAMEL- Starcraft Obsessed. Eats Smurfs.
  • GORDON GONER- Reformed Leverage Addict.
  • EMPEROR TOMATO KETCHUP- Spent All Their Money On First Presses And Pet-Nat
  • NO SASS- Here For The Apes. Not For The Sass.
  • Go to the individual project page to buy a BAYC, BAKC, or MAYC NFT on OpenSea. Here you can browse the entire collection.
  • Some items may be offered for a fixed price, while others can be auctioned.
  • To buy an NFT on the site, you’ll need an Ethereum wallet like MetaMask, as well as enough ETH to pay both the purchasing price and the Ethereum gas fees.

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