Moving along with Vauld ✨

What’s Moving —

We’re building the only destination for new-age crypto investors to come together to make informed decisions in the markets.

  • Moving aims to declutter the crypto space to make it welcoming for new investors and cut through noise for the existing ones.
  • Our current version includes bite-sized (under 50 words) crypto-news, insights, market analysis, and much more highly curated for investors.
  • It’s not just a news app. Users can also track coin prices and find other great investors on the app, look into their portfolio and use them as a soundboard while investing. We are onto something special.
  • We aim to make it a destination for the next 100M crypto investors around the globe.

Powers you get through Vauld?

  1. As an all-encompassing digital wealth management solution, Vauld lets you trade crypto and access real-time market intelligence, while offering among the highest yields in the industry. Grow your digital wealth by 12.68% every year.
  2. Benefit from disciplined investing through Vauld’s state-of-the-art Automatic Investment plans. Put your crypto investments on autopilot by automatically buying the dip and benefitting from dollar-cost averaging.
  3. If you’re ever down and confused, Vauld’s Strong support system offers to help you talk to humans in real-time. No more waiting for email replies to your questions that lead to structural delays, Vauld’s got you covered!

The essence of this Partnership —

  • Coincidentally, we at Moving, cater to the same market and user persona. Users who want to create a financially independent future, through the power of Crypto investing. This partnership is something more than just a business link-up for us, We believe in companionship and celebrate the joy of togetherness and we cannot wait to grow along with Vauld by our side!
  • Our belief in doing something special has been boosted by Vauld coming along as a long-term partner and would add up to our journey becoming more meaningful.
  • We want this to be one of the most iconic partnerships ever in the world of finance, where we leverage our strengths and bring out the maximum knowledge and impact in the market in a shorter span of time.

Invite friends on Moving to earn Rs. 350 worth of Cryptos of your choice.

Step 1 : To invite someone on Moving:

  1. Download the Moving app
  2. Complete your Moving profile.
  3. Click on Reward Button (In Profile Tab)
  4. Download the app and Now move to Profile > Rewards.
  5. Click on Redeem Code, Enter code: MOV100 (Limited)or the code given by your friends (Imp to get Rs.105 Signup bonus).
  6. Now click on “Invite on WhatsApp”, You need to invite 7 friends to redeem Rs.350.
  7. Once you’ve reached the Rs. 350 balance, In the Reward Section and click on “Redeem Points”.
  8. Then, press on “Claim Now”

Step -2 Get your rewards on Vauld :

  1. After clicking redeem, you’ll be redirected to Vauld Website.
  2. You need to signup for a new Vauld account(imp)
  3. After signing up for the Vauld account, You’ll receive Rs.350 within 24–48hrs.
  4. You can withdraw Rs.350 after 7 days of signup.

With this campaign, we aim to enable the next million Indians to start investing in Crypto and aim to create wealth for themselves. Where the power of Vauld and Moving come together to help people make informed decisions.

Until next time, keep moving.



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