Moving: A new destination for crypto investors

4 min readMay 25, 2021


We are electrified to unveil a whole new way to invest in crypto. A home base for crypto lovers, where complexity and confusion fade away and what you’re left with, is joy and the warmth of moving together.

It’s 2021 and investing is messed up.

Investing in the crypto market can be intimidating for many. It is also a challenge for those who don’t understand anything about cryptos apart from bitcoin. We, at Moving, are out to make the whole investing process simpler and easier. We believe a significant reason why many people do not invest in a crypto is due to a lack of literacy and complexity.

Moving is created to address these very factors and unlock greater access by adding a social layer to the crypto market.

We believe that creating a transparent community where people feel empowered to share why they invest, and to have open conversations about why others invest, is one of the most effective ways to promote crypto literacy.

Investing in crypto has not felt inclusive for everyone. We want to change that.

Moving unlocks a new level of capability for new-age investors. Allowing you to follow your favorites (friends, experts, creators), track their real-time portfolio, and engage with insightful memos. Users can link existing exchange and start investing from moving. Lesser stress, no loneliness, more joy.

Become a superhuman

Staying informed and spending hours on research during your busy lifestyle is a challenge, we fixed it for you. So, no matter where your work takes you, stay updated on the go. And never swim through unwanted information ever again. Snackable news and actionable insights, are just the things you need to be the superhuman you are.

Make the right moves

We believe the biggest problem in this industry is that many people are intimidated by it, however, they don’t really know how to get into it.

With over 10,000 cryptos floating around as an opportunity, your bandwidth to discover and research about them is limited. We’ve designed simple and curated lists of coins under relatable themes (e.g art, sports, gaming)— we call them buckets. It’s a breakthrough, allowing you to explore cryptos the way you see the world. Also, giving access to hard-to-find knowledge about each coin.

What’s even amazing is, as you move around, moving will become your companion, so you can be the best of you and join the next generation of great investors.

A giant leap

We crafted it for investors from the ground up, implying — zero jargon and zero complexities. Collaboration and community are centric to the soul of moving. Especially now, more than ever, it plays an important role to collaborate with family and friends. We’re going to take a giant leap, by allowing you to invest in crypto along with friends.

Moving wants to make investing in crypto, a collaborative experience that makes allows you to strengthen your understanding alongside peers and experts.

Buckle up for the moon

There has never been a more exciting time for crypto, than now. We have seen a Cambrian explosion in both adoption and improvement in the underlying technology. Well, a little bit of craziness too, thanks to Elon.

Moving is not just a social layer on top of existing exchanges, but a breakthrough in the world of finance and crypto, unlocking wider accessibility and making it simpler.

We’re backed by some of the marquee Indian investors, we’ll disclose it really soon.

Moving is on the mission to open up access to blockchain investment opportunities for “millions of Indians.” We are going to improve the financial health of the world, and we are just getting started.

Build a better future, keep moving.

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