Exploring the Metaverse Decentraland

By Pranay Singh Bayas

People are constantly spending time in virtual worlds, both for fun and work. This is most common in platforms like the web and mobile phones. A traversable 3D world, on the other hand, offers an immersive element as well as accessibility to additional content. Decentraland is one such platform that supports creating a shared virtual environment, commonly known as a metaverse. A decentralized ledger for owning land, a protocol for specifying the content of each parcel of land, and a P2P network enabling user interactions make up the system. Let’s go into Decentraland in detail.

Welcome to Decentraland

Decentraland is completely decentralized virtual environment where users can buy and sell digital real estate, artwork, and NFTs. Users may build virtual casinos, art galleries, concert halls, and theme parks and charge other users to visit them. In February 2020, the virtual world was made available to the general public, and since then, it has become one of the best Metaverse projects built in the Crypto Space.

Decentraland is a platform for content producers, enterprises, and individuals seeking a new business opportunity, creative channel, or source of entertainment. It is very simple to play in Decentraland. As a guest user, you can explore the space by visiting its website in a browser, but your experience will be limited. To enjoy all of Decentraland’s benefits fully, you will need a cryptocurrency wallet. Once you enter the virtual land, you can travel and explore wherever you want or go to a specific location using the map. You can visit virtual clubs, go to NFT art shows, play games, and much more. All of this will be done through your Avatars. Your avatar helps people recognize you, and you can personalize it in several ways to make it unique.

Understanding the Economy: MANA and LAND



The Creators

Decentraland’s DAO

Decentraland’s Architecture

The layered components of Decentraland are constructed using Ethereum smart contracts. There are three layers to the Decentraland protocol:

  • The Consensus layer.
  • The Content layer.
  • The Real-time layer.

During the pandemic that confined people to their homes, Decentraland provided a way for individuals to meet friends, buy art, visit galleries, and more — all without leaving their homes. Decentraland has expanded by leaps and bounds since it first opened to the public. Sotheby’s, an auction house, constructed a digital copy of its New Bond Street gallery in Decentraland as a virtual gallery to present digital art. Sotheby’s arrival into metaverse indicates that NFTs and metaverses are the future. Furthermore, Republic Realm, a digital real estate investment entity, paid $913,228 for 259 parcels of Decentraland that it hopes to develop into a virtual retail area called Metajuku.

If Decentraland comes with more exciting collaborations and takes the lead in the market, MANA’s price will rise as well, resulting in a more significant return on investment for investors.

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