Bitcoin: more sustainable and safer than you are made to believe

The Dawn


The Darker Side

The Concerns caught up attention when…

Okay, so what are the real arguments?

Debunking A3: Bitcoin is an energy hog, but… RENEWABLE

“By connecting these inverse pains, we can satisfy both needs with no cost to market expense.”

“Hydropower is listed as the number one source of energy, with 62% of surveyed hashers indicating that their mining operations are powered by hydroelectric energy. Other types of clean energies (e.g. wind and solar) rank further down, behind coal and natural gas, which respectively account for 38% and 36% of respondents’ power sources.”

Explosive Growth? Volcano powered Bitcoin Mining at El-Salvador

Final Argument for Bitcoin: Comparison with traditional finance and gold mining

The Takeaway

Aditya Gite, Research Analyst at Moving



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