Altcoin Buzz Partners with Moving ✨

2 min readSep 24, 2021

Altcoin Buzz-

Altcoin Buzz is one of the largest crypto-based media portals, that delivers the latest news on Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain Technology, Defi, and Digital Assets. It showcases fresh new content 24 hours to stay relevant and fresh for our global audience.

They feature news and updates on happenings around the crypto world across the following categories: Crypto News, Technical Analysis & Trading, Crypto Overviews & Reviews, Blockchain Event Coverage, and exclusive interviews with Founders & Influencers.

Moving is building a platform to democratize crypto investing knowledge and conversations.

Moving was founded to find the best stories and news about cryptos bringing together your favorite sources with social content to give a deep view about web3 and decentralization.

Our mission is to advance conversation through important and influential material that not only keeps people informed but also inspires them to engage, learn and lead in this new world of cryptos.

We are building a platform that lets users find the right information and also allows them to invest along with their friends and influencers. All with an experience, like never before.

We are onto something special to bring millions of users into the crypto space.

Our Alliance and its Power-

Coincidentally, we at Moving cater to the same market and user persona. Users who want to create a financially independent future, through the power of Crypto investing.

This partnership is something more than just a business link-up for us, We believe in companionship and celebrate the joy of togetherness and we cannot wait to grow along with Altcoin Buzz as our Content Partner!

This content partnership will significantly benefit both of our businesses in terms of user acquisition and brand visibility and help us achieve our objective of keeping our users updated with the exact information they need.

We want this to be one of the most iconic partnerships ever in the world of finance, where we leverage our strengths and bring out the maximum knowledge and impact in the market in a shorter period.

We cannot wait to bring our synergies together and enthrall in this dynamic World of Crypto with you!

Until next time, keep moving.

~ Team Moving