101: Top 5 Blockchain Jobs to Boom in 2022

4 min readJul 5, 2021


Blockchain is the technology of the future that brings immense opportunities with it. Blockchain projects are flourishing and in no time they will disrupt numerous industries including medical care, logistics, the financial sector, and many more.

Just like the Internet brought about a revolution, we are already witnessing a revolution with Blockchain. With that, the job market landscape is also changing. Blockchain jobs are booming and one of the highest-paid in the tech field.

These jobs aren’t hard to get but require a strong foundational understanding of blockchain and how things work around it. Although blockchain is grabbing the eyes of the public, not many people are equipped with optimal knowledge to get a job. Thus, the scarcity of individuals skilled in blockchain technology leads to the demand-supply chain making the jobs extremely lucrative. Obviously, the pay varies according to the job responsibilities. For example, blockchain engineers and blockchain developers are more in demand as compared to the rest. Let’s have a dive into the blockchain job market.

Here are some high-paid jobs in Blockchain that can earn you an average salary of $150,000 to $175,000 per year, perhaps even more if you are good at your job.

Blockchain engineers

Blockchain engineers are the highest in-demand job profile after blockchain developers. They are usually responsible to create and implement various digital solutions for companies depending on needs.

To ace a blockchain career in this field, you need high skill levels in Java, Solidity, C#, APL, Python, etc. Knowledge of other blockchain techs can be a plus point here. You will be able to innovate new blockchain applications to suit an organization’s needs.

Average Salary: ₹517,126

Blockchain Project Managers

Many companies look for blockchain project managers for converting the company’s needs into technical language. They are generally responsible to make blockchain projects simple and understandable for the public; breaking down what the product does in layman language.

Blockchain careers in this area require people who have traditional expertise in working in other industries. Experience is key as this is the only way you can move a product from developers to clients and have the desired impact.

Average Salary: ₹1,677,971

Blockchain Attorney or Legal Consultant

Blockchain being a new technology brings a lot of legal issues with it. Many organizations seek a legal consultant for their organization. Each tech or project needs to go through many legal procedures before it is launched for the public.

You would need to master all the basics and legal policies for the technology. This is the only way you would be able to advise a blockchain company before launching a new application. However, it’s best to address what they can do and what they can from beforehand.

Average Salary: ₹586,161

Blockchain Intern

It is regardless to say that each industry requires interns with a strong knowledge of the basics and a will to learn more, a blockchain intern is a really well-paid deal for freshers or someone looking to start.

Blockchain interns, depending on the organization, are responsible to design and develop blockchain ledgers on open source platforms such as Linux. They may need to come up with potential ideas. Being an intern in your initial days would give you exposure to working with high-end professionals and you may benefit from the experience.

To kick-start a blockchain career as an intern, you must have a basic understanding of digital ledger technology. Technical skills in various programming languages such as C++, Java, and Nodes would be a plus point.

Blockchain Quality Engineer

Blockchain Quality Engineers work or supplement the works of blockchain engineers. Quality engineers are needed to test various frameworks of blockchain before they are put to use in an organization. They also guide the testing process for blockchain development as well as maintain premium quality standards.

A quality engineer job will require you to research and advice on new blockchain tools and test automation. You may also have to develop, apply and maintain QA automated test standards. Other added tasks include offering technical leadership and mentorship for junior testing engineers.

Average Salary: ₹517,126

While you may start looking for these opportunities online but geographically, these opportunities open up in cities with a high blockchain presence. You may need to move in order to work in some really exciting places. These are a few of many jobs opportunity in the industry. With a strong knowledge of the technology, you may either get a good job or at least start earning a passive income through trading bots or flash loans.

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